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The Park-n-Move™ is a device, invented by LEGAL SPEEDING, which easily allows a rider to park and move their motorcycle anywhere in the garage or shop. When space is an issue; the Park-n-Move™ allows one person to easily park their motorcycle in any location they desire in the garage.

  • A motorcycle center stand is required

  • Clean compact design

  • Heavy-duty casters

  • 1,100+ weight capacity

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Made in the USA

To view EZ-Up Center Stand Options: Click Here

The Cycle Dolly is a one-person user-friendly motorcycle stand/mover. One person can load, move, and unload a motorcycle in a matter of minutes. Most people who own a motorcycle have to share a garage with a car or other items, the Cycle Dolly allows a person to put their cycle in a corner or up against a wall with a push of their hand! See our video on this page for a demonstration of how easy it is to walk-on and walk-off. The Cycle Dolly is proudly made in the USA.


No Center stand is required for the Cycle Dolly.


Park-n-Move / Cycle Dolly

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Cycle Dolly
SKU: M998030

This is Your Premium Top-of-the-Line Dolly

The really great thing about this dolly is the fact that the V Channel is set only ¾" off the ground, which makes for easy loading/unloading, and the V Channel holds almost any size tires so the thought of tipping is virtually non-existent.

  • Walk your bike on with ease
  • 1,500 lb. capacity
  • 10 ball-bearing poly swivel casters
  • V Profile holds tires securely
  • Fully adjustable kickstand plate
  • Powder Coat finish
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Your Price: $209.00
SKU: PK-101

Park-n-Move™ Standard Model: This model is for all motorcycles which have center stands. It is also for Harley Davidson touring models (that have the EZ-Up Center Stand installed; works with other Harley center stands except front-mounted display stand).

  • The Park-n-Move™ can help you locate all the motorcycles in your garage
  • Locking Casters – The Park-n-Move™ has locking heavy-duty casters.  The locking casters secure the Park-n-Move™ in place while you unload your motorcycle
  • One Person Operation – The Park-n-Move™ was designed for one person to easily move a motorcycle where room is at a premium
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