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A motorcycle flag is a great way to let people know what you stand for. As a Vietnam Veteran, I love flying the American and POW/MIA flags with pride. Whether it’s Old Glory, the Dixie Flag or one of our military flags, you can tell the world what you believe in without saying a word.

We offer an entire range of motorcycle flags all made in the USA, along with motorcycle flag mounts to display them in the most honorable way possible.

Motorcycle Flag Etiquette - Not everyone knows that there is special etiquette for displaying the U.S. flag on a motorcycle. American flags should be flown in the center position (if alone) or if you're looking from the front of the bike; on the left side of the motorcycle or if you're looking from the back of the bike; on the right side of the motorcycle; if displayed with other flags. The American flag should be the largest size (or same size), but never smaller than other motorcycle flags. It should also be at the same or the highest level of all of the flags.

We guarantee the beauty and quality of our motorcycle flags. Our flagpoles are manufactured in the US and have a limited lifetime warranty. Don’t buy from anyone else but real bikers!

NOTE:  If you want to add one of our new Flagpole Toppers; you can contact us for pricing or just add $17 to your existing flagpole and flag selection.