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Personalized, Affordable & Custom Harley Derby, Air Cleaner, Inspection, and Point Covers

As a Harley owner myself and Marine (Semper Fi), I know better than most people that we Harley enthusiasts aren’t the average motorcycle owners. Our bikes are an extension of our personalities. A lot of care is given to customization which expresses our unique attitude and style.

That’s why one of my favorite products here on are these Harley Derby, Air Cleaner, Inspection, and Point Covers. We work directly with the manufacturer of these motorcycle derby covers and can help you design an awesome one-of-a-kind set that will make your bike stand out from the pack.

The parts are CNC machined from billet aluminum, polished, chrome plated, and colored with our unique, proprietary process. Covers include but are not limited to designs such as skull, flame, military, flag and are available on derby, points, inspection and air cleaner covers.

The covers are highly customizable to allow you to coordinate them perfectly with your bike paint and accessories. You can even get them engraved with the crest of your branch of service or other meaningful design (special order).

Call us today at 888-272-8885 and find out what your options are. We are available to help you choose a set of these Harley Derby Covers that you’ll be proud to own.

NOTE: Please allow 3-4  weeks for delivery on certain covers.  These are all custom made for the different models of motorcycles.

What will fit my bike? 

Air - Derby - Point - Inspection Covers

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License Plate Bolts
SKU: LB-41

Show off your pride with these quality bolts for your license plate frame or wherever else you want to use them.

  • 1" Diameter Design with 1/4" x 20 Thread
  • Includes 2 Bolts
  • Styles: Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, POW/MIA, Fire Department, Mason
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